On July 7th, we pushed a brand new release (2.0) to production. This release includes an entirely new user interface with updated modern design plus many new features. 

We also moved to an all-new server environment and streamlined many aspects of our previous app in order to allow more scalability and make it easier to add functionality going forward.

Here are a few of the new or changed features in this update:
-automatic setting of timezone upon login
-ability to EDIT appointment requests (time, payment, etc..) before accepting
-ability to turn off appointment requests altogether
-you now have control over your appointment reminders (off, 24, 48, or 72 hour)
-share a file with multiple clients at one time
-share a file with colleagues or staff members
-more waiting room image options (and a pretty interface to choose it in)
-view past invoices from thera-LINK in the portal
-group practices can now see a side by side view of staff calendars
-ability to switch between practices if you belong to many thera-LINK accounts
-beautiful, new redesigned user interface

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