Clients must accept an invitation before they are able to join your practice and schedule an appointment. Invitations are valid for 7 days and clients are informed of this in the email. This serves a few purposes:

  1. Client will know how to log in to thera-LINK as they are creating their own password.

  2. We never send passwords via email for security reasons.

  3. We will now know the timezone of the client because they will have logged in to the system, and it captures their timezone so when you schedule their first appointment, we have a timezone to use in their email reminder!


1. If your client didn't receive their invite, it could be that you mistyped their email address. Look on People>Clients and locate their profile card. Check the accuracy of the email address there. 

2. If needed, click the trashcan button to cancel the original invitation.

3. Then you can resend it using the airplane button or by clicking their profile and hitting the "Resend Invitation" button. 

**It could also be that the message wound up in their junk email and could have been automatically deleted as many mail programs delete junk every 24 hours. Again, cancel the invitation and re-invite them. Let them know that you sent it again so they can locate it in their junk before 24 hours!**

Finally, if none of those methods are working, please contact us and we can check to see if something else is amiss.

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