How are your clients feeling throughout the week?

Emotion tracking can help your clients identify positive and negative influences in their life and can also act as a first step in helping clients feel like they're actively participating in their treatment.

How Therachat's emotion tracking works

Therachat emotion tracking is based on the CBT emotion wheel of Plutchik.
Here's how it works: 

1. Identification of core emotions

First, clients are presented with the 6 core emotions and select which ones they're feeling. 

2. Rating intensity

Clients then rate the intensity of those emotions. 

3. Identifying deeper emotions and feelings

Finally, clients are able to find the words that best describe how they're feeling. 

Emotion Tracking Results

As clients complete emotion tracking entries, you can see how often they're completing the activity, if they're finding it helpful and what the actual results are.

Give emotion tracking a try and see if it doesn't help you and your client make progress faster.

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