Catch it, check it, change it is a CBT-based exercise to help your clients practice breaking their negative thinking patterns. In this activity, clients will start by capturing their thoughts, list out evidence that their thoughts are true or untrue, and finally try to substitute their thoughts for more realistic ones.

The Therachat catch it, check it, change it activity uses a conversational approach to walk your clients through each one of these steps. After your client completed a thoughts on trial entry, you can see their entry in the Therachat dashboard.

Next time your looking for ways that your clients can practice questioning their thinking patterns, give catch it, check it, change it a try and let us know what you think.

The best way to get a feel for this activity is to see it for yourself. Here's the script of questions this activity will ask:

  1. Step one is to catch your thoughts. What are you currently thinking? (For instance: "My friend cancelled our movie night. He must not like me.")  
  2. Step two is to check your thoughts. This is probably the hardest part, because it's hard to be objective about our own thoughts. We all believe our own thoughts are "right". Let's examine the evidence. Are these thoughts really true? Use logic and list the evidence you have to why these thoughts are true or untrue. (For instance: "my friend is quite busy lately with work" or "My friend always showed up, it's the first time he cancelled")   
  3. Finally, step three is to change it. At this point we'll try substituting more realistic thoughts. If your automatic thoughts tend to be depressive or anxious, you need to think of different – but realistic – ways of thinking about the situation. (For instance: "I must email my friend to understand why he is cancelling and reschedule the movie night") Try rephrasing your thoughts to more realistic ones.
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