Thought records are a foundational tool of CBT designed to help your clients better understand their own thoughts and feelings. With a thought record, your clients can identify negative thoughts, understand the link between emotions & thoughts, and challenge their thoughts.

The Therachat thought record activity uses a conversational approach to walk your clients through each one of these steps. After your client completed a thought record entry, you can see their entry in the Therachat dashboard.

Next time you consider asking your client to complete a thought record, give the Therachat thought record a try and let us know what you think.

The best way to get a feel for this activity is to see it for yourself. Here's the script of questions this activity will ask:

  1. Usually negative thoughts and feelings are triggered by a situation or an event. Let's have a look  at that. Can you describe the situation or event that led to your unpleasant feelings and thoughts? What happened? 
  2. What were your initial feelings? What emotion did you feel at that time? Did you feel any physical sensations in your body?
  3. Take a step back and think about the negative and unhelpful thoughts this evoked.  What thoughts crossed your mind?
  4. Now we're going to go ahead and look at these thoughts from a couple of angles.  What facts and evidence do you have that support these unhelpful thoughts? What facts do you have that do not support these thoughts?
  5. I'll help you get a more balanced and realistic view on your thoughts.  Reread the evidence again, what would someone else say about this situation? What advice would you give someone else in that sitiation? Is your reaction in proportion to the actual event? 
  6. Now that you looked at your thoughts differently, rate your emotions again. How are you currently feeling?
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