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Your Student Dashboard - How-to
Your Student Dashboard - How-to

Using your new Student Dashboard

Written by ThetaHealing Headquarters
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Student Dashboard Overview

Accessing your Dashboard (Requires Log-in)

  • Log-in

My Student Dashboard

  • My ThetaLearning Page

    • Certifications

      • This page shows you Certification levels from Practitioner to Certificate of Science. Click the various Certifications to see their requirements and plan your learning path.

    • Specialties

      • Once you've completed Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper, you can start taking Specialty courses. Focus on your practice and learn the skills that will help you and others.

        *note: Grayed out until you complete prerequisites

    • Upcoming Seminars

      • These are the Seminars you are currently registered for but haven't completed

      • Click on Event Page for details

    • Completed Seminars

      • Seminars you completed since the launch of the new site.

  • Following

    • By clicking on the heart icon in a ThetaHealer's profile, you will start following them. Once you are following them, you'll be able to message each other. Manage who you are following in your Student Dashboard > Following tab.

    • Requires Log-in

  • Wishlist

    • Any Courses or Seminars that you've added to your wishlist will appear here

    • Requires Log-in

  • Message Center

    • Notifications - Recent activity, receipts, and communications alerts

    • Messages

      • When you register for a seminar, the Instructor of that seminar is added to your Contacts List in Message Center. That way, you can keep in touch about details for the seminar. When you follow a ThetaHealer, they will also be added to your contacts.

  • Student Resources

    • In this tab you'll find helpful resources for feedback and support as well as links to support forms and FAQs

  • My Account/ Privacy & Preferences

    • Click on your user icon in the upper left to see a drop-down list of your user account options.

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