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How to register for a Basic DNA Seminar with my ThetaHealing Instructor
How to register for a Basic DNA Seminar with my ThetaHealing Instructor
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Why do I need an Account on ThetaHealing?

An Account is required for every ThetaHealing Practitioner prior to the Basic Seminar. This is so that all the seminars you attend can be listed on your Account. Every certification you complete is confirmed and certified by your instructor on your Account. You can access your Account at any time.

Your account also offers many other useful functions and settings. You can find additional information about this here:

Your teacher may have already sent you a class-registration link for your first Seminar. Before you can register for the seminar you need to create an Account on

Step 1:

open the Homepage press LOGIN

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Enter your Email address or Sign In with your Gmail-Account

  • Enter your Name

  • Enter your Last Name

NOTE: this Name will also be printed on your Certificate

  • Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions

  • Read and Accept the Privacy Policy

  • Press Sign up

After you have pressed Sign up this message will appear

Step 3:

  • Go to your E-Mail

  • You have received an email with the Subject “Verify your ThetaHealing account” from

  • Open this email and verify your account by opening the verify-link

Step 4:

After you have opened the link, it will bring you to the “Set your password” homepage
Enter your password twice and press “Set password”

Then it will open your Account automatically and you will be in your ThetaHealing Dashboard.

Congratulation you have created successfully your account on ThetaHealing

Now you can Register for the Basic DNA to become an Independent Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner

Step 5:

Now you are logged in in your Account and can sign up for the Basic DNA.

Open the class-registration link your Thetahealing Instructor has shared with you.


Search for your Instructors or any ThetaHealing seminar

Step 6:

After you have opened the link or found the Basic DNA seminar you would like to attend, Register into the seminar with these last 2 steps, press the REGISTER NOW button

Then it will add it to your Account and there you have to Confirm your Attendance by clicking on “CONFRIM REGISTRATION”

Now you are registered into the seminar of your choice and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our system.

Additionally, your ThetaHealing Instructor will receive a notification that you have signed up and will contact you, if you are not already in contact.

We wish you all the best on your way to your highest potential.

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