In this guide, I will give you an overview of the tools currently available in The Wild and how to access them.

On your off hand controller, use the "Quick Access" button to summon all available tools. Simply push your dominant hand into the tool you would like to use -- no need to push any buttons.

Explore Tool

Think of the explore tool as the viewer tool. It will allow the user to move through space by teleporting.

Massit Tool

Massit is an architectural sketching tool that focuses on simplicity and speed. You can also copy objects and create arrays.

Material Tool

The paint tool allow you to apply a color or a material to objects. You can also sample material assets.

Group Tool

The group tool is pretty obvious and easy to use to group and un-group multiple objects. 

Camera Tool

With the camera tool, you can spawn cameras that will allow you to capture images from within The Wild and save them to your computer.

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