Thinkster is a supplemental math tutoring program. We help kids in grades K-8. Your child will have a dedicated coach (certified teacher) creating a learning plan and assigning work to help meet their math needs and goals.

Your child will complete worksheets (we recommend 1-2 per day). There are video tutorials embedded to help explain strategies. Once completed, the teacher will go through that assignment and provide feedback and grading and comments. The teacher is monitoring assignments daily and will make note of specific questions or topics to cover during the tutoring session. With the Gold plan, it is 30 minutes every 2 weeks. The teacher will display certain things on the screen and help coach your child through methods for solving. 

We have lots of kids on the program with different learning goals and needs. Because Thinkster is highly personalized, the coach working with your child will ensure the learning plan best suits their needs (remedial help, supplemental work, advanced work, etc). 

We'd be happy to chat with over the phone if you have more questions! You can schedule a call here.

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