We have a large community of homeschooling parents that use our program.

Your child will have a math coach that will work with you to create a personalized learning plan. You can request the coach to provide certain topics to supplement what you are teaching, or let the coach shape it themselves! Thinkster is stringent enough to be used in place of any homeschooling curriculum.  

Our world-class curriculum will ensure that your child is working on concepts that develop not only computational skills, but analytical and critical thinking skills as well. Our curriculum is spiral and mastery-based. It is spiral because you will have different topics available and the worksheets continually build on completed topics. Your child moves onto more complex concepts after obtaining and showing proficiency and mastery. You can explore more on our world-class curriculum and the topics/concepts by grade level here.

The program is very flexible and convenient, which is why many homeschooling parents like to make it part of the daily math work their child completes. With video tutorials and certified-coaches providing feedback on the assignments, students are engaged as they learn different concepts and strategies.

Additionally, being paired with a homeschool knowledgeable coach can help you and child develop a learning plan that suits your needs! Be sure to let our advisors know of your request, and we'll be sure to match you to our Thinkster Coach, Yvonne, who has experience with homeschooling.  

Check out more information and the benefits of Thinkster Math. 

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