We offer 3 different pricing programs for our worksheets + tutoring packages:  Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Pricing for the program varies based on the type of plan you are choosing (some come with more interactions with a coach) and the grade/year of your child. 

Here are some of the big differences:

  • We have 3 tutor led programs: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All 3 have a certified-teacher creating a learning plan and monitoring/grading your child's work on a daily basis. Your child will have unlimited access to our worksheets. 

  • The Silver program comes with 2 parent-teacher phone calls per month. There are no 1:1 whiteboard tutoring sessions. 

  • The Gold and Platinum programs come with whiteboard tutoring sessions. Gold plan comes with 1 hour per month (30 minutes every-other week). Platinum comes with 2 hours per month (30 minutes every week). 

  • All pricing programs give access to our Video Tutorials and world-class curriculum. 

Looking for only tutoring sessions with a dedicated coach (no worksheets)? We sell tutoring sessions in bundles too! This is for students in all grades - up through 12th! 

You can learn more about our tutoring sessions here.

If you have additional questions, let us know! We'd be happy to chat with you over the phone. 

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