We have lots of different pricing programs available for your child. We highly recommend that you select a plan for your child after they complete the initial Skills Assessment. Your coach can guide you to select a suitable plan based on your child's needs and goals. We want to make sure your child is in the program that best suits their learning style and needs.

Here are some of our recommendations based on the learning experience you are looking for: 

Accelerated Learning 

Gold Plan/ Platinum Plan - The coach monitors the learning plan and provides daily feedback and grading. The coach will make sure the student is progressing as per the learning goals set.

Remedial Learning 

Platinum or Diamond plan - The 1:1 whiteboard tutoring sessions will be used to discuss difficult and challenging concepts. Students will be able to ask their coaches questions during these sessions.

Coming from other learning programs (4th - 8th Grade) 

Gold or Platinum - Students with experience in other learning centers will enjoy the whiteboard sessions and interactions with their Thinkster coach. They will also benefit from asking their coach questions and getting homework help and test prep.

Coming from other learning programs (K - 3rd Grade) 

Silver - Students will settle well into our Silver program The coach will create a customized learning plan and communicate with parents during conference calls. A lot of hands-on parents select this plan if they are able to review their child's work on a routine basis.

Homework Help and Test Prep

Gold/Platinum - Homework help and test prep coaching are only available in our Gold and Platinum plans.

Middle School Students

Gold/Platinum - Middle school topics are much more complex, so the coach will use the whiteboard sessions to coach through challenging concepts and ensure comprehension. The weekly interaction with the coach will also make sure your child takes ownership and responsibility of the program, which will keep their engagement level high.

Have questions or want to learn more? Let us know! We'd be happy to chat with you. 

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