• The Free Trial starts with a Skills Assessment, which gives initial insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses. An Academic Advisor will walk you through the test results and explain your child's Progress Matrix- which is a visual snapshot of the topics that get covered for your child’s grade level. Based on further conversation and understanding of your needs and goals, further tests or practice work will be assigned so your child can start getting familiar with the program.

  • Each child moves at their own pace, irrespective of grade/age. Thinkster is a skills-based program. If your child can perform well on various levels of tests, they may then begin to work on topics from the next grade level. 

  • Your coach grades and reviews your child’s work on a daily basis to keep an eye on why your child makes mistakes. Based on the nature of the errors. the coach alters the work assigned to your child.

  • During web sessions, your child will review question errors or challenging topics with their coach. If your child needs help with school homework, they can submit questions before the session for extra guidance. 

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