What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a secure, government backed technology that's regulated by the FCA and utilised by the leading banks. The purpose of Open Banking technology is to give you greater control and ownership over your financial data, so you can share it with trusted third parties like the organisation that requested your Thirdfort check. For more information, check out our Open Banking guide here.

How should it work?

To connect to your bank and receive your statements, we rely on your bank and a few key technology providers in between to make a successful connection. If you opt to connect to your bank, you leave our app and you're redirected to your banking portal where you're asked to login. Once your bank has authenticated you, they create a read only summary statement and utilise Open Banking technology to redirect you back to our app.

Connection Issues

From time to time, Open Banking technology may experience a connection issue. If this happens Thirdfort cannot receive the read only summary statement. If you experience a connection issue when your bank attempts to redirect you back to our app, we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.


As Open Banking's preferred browser is Google Chrome, as a first step, we'd recommend checking your default browser settings on your device.

On an Android, you can do this via: Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Browser app

On an iPhone, you can do this via: Settings > Safari > Change default browser

If your browser is set to something other than Google Chrome, we'd recommend changing it to Google Chrome, refreshing the app and trying again.

If you do not have Google Chrome installed, here is a guide on how to download this on Android devices.

Alternatively, you have two other options:

  1. You can wait 24 / 48 hours and try again however we cannot guarantee that Open Banking technology will have resolved the connection issue before the re-attempt.

  2. You can skip the Open Banking task and the app will replace it with an alternative task where you can upload your statements as photos or digital PDFs instead.

How can I skip the bank linking task?

To skip the task, tap the "Skip task" option which can be found below the pink next button on the "Why we need bank statements?" page at the start of the task. Once skipped, the alternative upload bank statements task will be added to your home screen.

What are Thirdfort doing to fix this?

Our tech team work closely with Truelayer (your bank’s partner) to feedback data to try and improve Open Banking's connection rates. It’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes connection issues as this technology sits outside of our app, however we are ultimately responsible and this is something we’re working hard to resolve. If you have any further feedback, please feel free to email us on help@thirdfort.com.

How can I download digital PDFs from my bank?

Here are some useful instruction guides from the UK's leading banks:

If your bank is not listed above, search 'BANK NAME - how to download PDF bank statements' on Google and it will bring up similar how to guides. For further guidance, please contact your bank directly.


  • Visit our fantastic Support Hub which is full of useful how to guides and videos which answer all of our common FAQs.

  • The quickest and easiest way to contact our support team is via live chat. Look for this button on the support hub or in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to start a conversation:

Whatever the question, we're always happy to help 😊

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