Jump to 0:57 seconds for a walk-through of the chip reading stage in the ID task.

Step 1:

Remove any phone case or passport cover (if you have one). This is the most common reason why our customer's are unable to successfully scan the chip.

Step 2:

Place your closed passport on a flat surface such as a table top or kitchen work top.

Step 3:

Place your phone directly on top of your passports front cover so that they touch.

Step 4:

Please line up the top of your phone to around the middle of the front cover of your passport (as seen on the image below). Don't forget they need to be touching in order for the chip read to be successful!

If the chip is not successful whilst you hold the phone still, please try starting from the top of the passport and slowly slide your phone all the way down the front cover to the bottom. As the location of the chip reader varies on each phone, this will allow your phone to locate the chip and begin the reading!

Step 5:

Once your phone locates the chip and begins the reading, you will see a progress bar appear. At this point, hold your phone very still to allow the reading to take place.

On an Android device, the progress bar will look like this:

On an iPhone, it will look like the below:

Success! 🎉

Once complete, the app will automatically then move onto the final step where you will be asked to take a quick scan of your face.

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