Moonback does not have their own system. Instead, we work met OpenGDS. OpenGDS is a system that is already connected with the most common channel managers.

To receive bookings via Moonback, you have to set up a connection between the rates in your channel manager and the Moonback rates in OpenGDS.

How the connection process works

Right after you sign up for Moonback, OpenGDS will automatically send an ID and a password to your channel manager. With these inputs, your channel manager can already activate the connection between OpenGDS and your channel manager.

To complete the process, however, your channel manager then needs to connect the right rates to those of Moonback.

The Moonback rates

Moonback currently has two rates:

  1. A Best Available Rate

  2. A Room & Breakfast Rate (package)

As standard, OpenGDS creates a third rate (the 'OpenBeds' rate). This rate can be ignored.

Moonback does not yet support Non-Refundable Rates, but will add these in the near future.

Rate codes

The Moonback rates have specific rate codes. After you've signed up, we will send you an email with these Moonback rate codes.

What you need to do

Contact your channel manager. Share the Moonback rate codes with them, and instruct them which of your rates (existing or new to create) should be connected to the Moonback rates.

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