Welcome to Moonback!

Here are the key things about working with us that are important to know.

  1. Payments are made upfront. Every reservation you receive has been paid for.

  2. City tax is not included in the payment (yet). Your guests will stay have to pay it upon arrival.

  3. Traveller’s payments arrive at your accommodation’s Stripe account. Here they stay until pay-out.

  4. Pay-outs from your Stripe account to your accommodation’s bank account take place on the Friday of the week after your guests made the reservation.

  5. Invoicing takes place monthly. For each reservation, the invoice will clearly state the Moonback platform fee and the 2% payment fee. It will also show any refunds that have taken place.

  6. Moonback charges 10% platform fee on the room price for first-time guests, only 3% for returning guests at the same hotel, and 0% platform fee on dinner & supplements.

  7. Keep track of all transactions 24/7 via your personal Transactions Dashboard in the Partner Portal.

  8. Guests can cancel their booking themselves using the button in the booking confirmation mail. Refunds are paid from your Stripe balance.

  9. Guests can currently only change their booking (or some detailes thereof) by getting in touch with Moonback.

  10. Please always read our Operational Updates. These emails contain vital information that are either must-know, or must-do.

Moonback is a collective effort to change the booking industry for the better. Our success is your success, so let’s come to a gentleman’s agreement where you do not actively ask your guests to book directly in the future. In return, we only ask 3% commission for returning guests.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via support@moonback.com. We are here to help!

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