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WooCommerce Installation Guide
WooCommerce Installation Guide

How to install the ThoughtMetric tracking code on a WooCommerce store

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1.) Install the ThoughtMetric WooCommerce plugin (15 minutes)

To install ThoughtMetric on WooCommerce you will need to install our custom plugin.

a.) Make a ThoughtMetric account

The first step is to make a ThoughtMetric account by going to and signing up.

b.) Select the WooCommerce platform

Once you make an account you will be directed to an onboarding guide. Click on the WooCommerce button to view the installation instructions for that platform.

c.) Download the plugin

After you select WooCommerce as your platform, you will see a page with a link that will let you download the plugin.

d.) Log in to your Wordpress account

e.) Click plugins then click add new then click upload plugin

f.) Upload the ThoughtMetric plugin from your computer to Wordpress, then activate it.

g.) Now, click settings under the ThoughtMetric plugin

h.) Copy your personalized tracking code from the onboarding page

i.) Paste the code into the 'Tracking Code' input field and click Save Changes

j.) If you are using any additional landing pages outside of Woocommerce, make sure the ThoughtMetric tracking code is placed on those as well.

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