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Magento 2 Installation Guide
Magento 2 Installation Guide

Documentation on how to install ThoughtMetric on a Magento store

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ThoughtMetric integrates with Magento 2 via a plugin. This plugin needs to be installed into the source code of Magento by a developer. The following are the instructions on how to do this.

a.) Make a ThoughtMetric account

The first step is to make a ThoughtMetric account by going to and signing up.

b.) Select the Magento platform

Once you make an account you will be directed to an onboarding guide. Click on the Magento button to view the installation instructions for that platform.

c.) Navigate to your Magento 2 installation folder on your server.

d.) Add the ThoughtMetric repository to the composer sources.

composer config repositories.thoughtmetric-magento git ''

e.) Install the ThoughtMetric plugin.

composer require thoughtmetric/integration:dev-master

f.) Upgrade your Magento modules.

bin/magento setup:upgrade

g.) Open up the ThoughtMetric admin panel in Magento.

Nagivate to Stores -> Configuration, change the scope to 'Main Website' level, then click on ThoughtMetric Reporting

h.) Paste your ThoughtMetric Property ID into the Property ID configuration in your Magento settings and click save.

i.) Clear magento cache on order to make sure that the changes will apply.

bin/magento cache:flush

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