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Shopline Installation Guide

Documentation on how to install ThoughtMetric on a Shopline store

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1.) Make a ThoughtMetric account

The first step is to make a ThoughtMetric account by going to and signing up.

2.) Select the Shopline platform

Once you make an account you will be directed to an onboarding guide. Click on the Shopline button to view the installation instructions for that platform.

3.) Install the "Custom Code" app on your Shopline store.

This is a free app developed by Shopline that will be used to install the ThoughtMetric pixel. Navigate to the Apps section of your Shopline store and click on Go to App Store. Then search for the Custom Code app and install it.

4.) Open the "Custom Code" app then click on "Add Code".

5.) Copy your personalized tracking code from the ThoughtMetric onboarding guide.

6.) Configure "Custom Code" app.

Enter "ThoughtMetric" for the Code Name. Choose "Select All" for the Page Trigger . Paste the tracking code you copied in the previous step into Code Content .

7.) Save code.

Click Add to save the code. Make sure that the code is enabled.

8.) Wait for ThoughtMetric to verify the installation

Go back to the ThoughtMetric onboarding step that you were on and scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Done”. This will bring you to the final step where ThoughtMetric will check the installation of the tracking code to make sure it has been installed correctly. Once ThoughtMetric detects that the tracking code is correctly installed you have finished the setup and can proceed to the ThoughtMetric dashboard. Note: for ThoughtMetric to detect that the system is working it listens for data coming for your website. So to speed up detection you can go to your website and refresh the page a few times to send data our way.

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