Public forums are an important part of making work more inclusive by giving everyone in an organization the ability to view and participate in discussions and see what decisions are made. However, we understand that some things are more sensitive and may require a limited audience.

If you do need to limit the audience of a forum, you can make a forum private in an organization. The forum won’t be discoverable to anyone in the organization, and members of the forum will need to add people directly to it.

When you create a new forum within an organization, you can choose to make it private while you’re setting it up.

To create a private forum:

  1. Go to Forums on the left-side navigation

  2. Click the + to create a new forum

  3. Create your forum and select Private under Privacy

To make a public forum private:

  1. Go to the forum

  2. Click the … at the top-right side

  3. Select Edit forum

  4. Go to Privacy and change the privacy to Private

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