Organizations have admins to help manage membership and the public forums within the organization.

Here are the controls that members and admins have in their organization.


  • Forum management

    • Edit any public forum that they're a member of

    • Invite people to any forum they're a member of

  • Organization management

    • Link the organization to a Slack workspace

Admins have the all member controls along with these additional ones.

  • Membership management

    • View pending member invitations and organization guests

    • Make anyone in the organization an admin, and make any admin a member

    • Allow members to invite other members and guests to the organization

    • Remove members from the organization

    • Whitelist the organization's domain to make it easier for members to join

  • Forum management

    • In organizations larger than 200 people, only admins can add the entire organization to a new forum

    • Delete a forum

    • Set default forums for new members

  • Organization management

    • Edit the organization name

    • Change the organization logo image

    • Ability to require security settings for the organization including two-factor authentication, password strength and SAML single sign-on

    • Access to the billing page for the organization

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