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How does the Health Plan work?

What is the Health Plan, is it accurate, can I change or delete it?

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What is the health plan?

The Health Plan is a free feature that creates personalised weekly tasks by taking into consideration your test results and health profile information.

If you haven’t signed up for the subscription plan, your Health Plan will create personalised weekly tasks by taking into consideration only your predicted results and health profile information.

If you decide to switch to the subscription plan, but you've already started or are in the middle of the plan, the Health Plan won’t be updated after receiving the results but it’ll still be based on your predicted results and health profile information.

The Health Plan lasts for 12 weeks. Why?

Because this is how long it takes to see significant changes in results for almost all analytes.

It takes 12 weeks for changes to be quantifiable which is why our blood tests are every 3 months and as a result, so is the Health Plan.

At the end of every week with your Health Plan, you’ll be notified by email about your weekly tasks/activities and how your Health Plan is performing.

In order to keep your Health Plan updated, log in when you complete tasks to keep track of your progress!

If you want to measure improvement the best way is to do another test after completing the 12 weeks.

How have we created it?

We’ve worked with doctors and behavioral consultants, as well as carrying out research with Thriva customers to ensure health plans are accurate and add value to your life.

Where can I find the Health Plan? Is it in my dashboard?

Hint: Click 'Health Plan' in your Thriva dashboard.

For now, it's only available through our website/dashboard.

It’s very easy to view your Health Plan, you just need to log in on your dashboard and select ‘Health Plan’.

Will the Health Plan still be accurate if I have a medical condition?

Thriva is a lifestyle tracking service, not a diagnostic one.

Health scores are just indicators of how your lifestyle is supporting key areas of your health.

There is, of course, a lot of other factors not captured so they’re not meant to be 100% accurate.

They’re more to show the connection between diet/sleep/results etc.. to things like mental well-being.

If you feel you might have a specific testing requirement because of a condition, we'd recommend speaking to your GP first. Because they'll best understand your medical history 🙂

What if I’ve been told to see the GP, should I still do a Health Plan?

We recommend seeing the GP first, however, using the Health Plan is still a great way to get started on looking after your health.

Is it possible to change when my Health Plan starts?

Hint: Yes!

Your Health Plan start date depends on which day you launched it.

For example, if you've started your Health Plan on a Tuesday, then your Health Plan will run from Tuesday to the next Tuesday every week.

If you've already started your Health Plan, unfortunately, at the moment it isn’t possible to change your starting date.

If you want, we can restart your Health Plan so that you can choose which day to start it.

Please drop us a message at and we’ll be more than happy to action this for you 🙂

I would like to delete my Health Plan, how can I do this?

At present, the Health Plan can’t be deleted from your Thriva Dashboard. But we’re working to make this feature available soon.

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