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Can you tell me about the Heart Health Plan?
Can you tell me about the Heart Health Plan?
Everything you need to know about the building blocks of better heart health ❤️
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What is the heart health plan?

The heart health plan is a 4-week plan to help you to develop or maintain habits to support your heart.

It will help you to get the support you need to take control of your heart health.

When you sign up to the plan, you’ll get access to workouts, recipes, daily tasks to complete, and a heart health blood test.

This package costs £120.

And at the end of your 4-week personalised lifestyle plan, you’ll have mastered the building blocks of better heart health 🌟

What tests are included in the package?

The heart health test includes ​​apolipoproteins and cholesterol, CRP, HbA1c, liver blood test and creatinine.

When do I do the test?

Hint: You choose!

It’s completely up to you — you can take the test at any point once you purchase your plan.

We recommend taking your test every 2-3 months.

So if you haven’t done a test recently, doing a test at the very start of the plan means we can further personalise the advice we give you.

But if you’ve recently done a Thriva test, you can wait to do your test later the plan so you can measure the improvements.

Will it affect my current subscription?

Hint: No, it won't.

The heart health plan is a one-off purchase, so it won't affect your current subscription 😊

But if you have an upcoming subscription, we’d recommend updating the tests in your package so they’re not the same ones in your heart health package.

Or you can always change your next subscription test date 🌟

I have credit on my account, can I use it towards this?

Hint: No, we're sorry!

Unfortunately, your credit can't be used for this plan.

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