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How do I complain?
How do I complain?

How to make an official complaint

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Here at Thriva, we aim to meet a high standard of service. But if we fall short in any way, we are keen to hear from you. This helps us improve our services as we take all feedback on board.

We would love to hear from you if you have any concerns, suggestions or feedback.

Who should I contact if I wish to make a complaint?

Please contact our Customer Experience team by emailing

If you wish to make an anonymous complaint, this is possible but we will not be able to respond to you directly. If you wish to do this, please send a letter to our registered address below:

Thriva Ltd

3rd Floor

White Collar Factory,

1 Old Street Yard,



What happens after I make a complaint?

  1. Complaint received

Your complaint will be logged and investigated according to our complaints policy. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt to your email address within three working days. Alternatively, if a full reply can be given in response to your complaint, this will be provided within five working days. For formal complaints, this response will include your unique complaint reference number.

2. Investigation

The complaints team will go through an investigation and review the case in more detail. This may include gathering information from staff members or organisations (such as our partner lab) concerned. If there are any unclear points the team member may get in touch with you to seek further clarification.

3. Outcome

The team will respond directly to you with a full response. This will be made within twenty working days. If the investigation is still in progress at this point, you will be emailed explaining the reason for the delay every twenty working days. The team will also update our system with any investigation findings.

If you’re still unhappy

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive and wish to appeal, please explain the reason for this in writing via email. Please do so within six months of the final response to your initial complaint.

Your complaint will be escalated to the senior member of staff who will conduct an objective review of all the documentation and investigation. The team member who handled the initial complaint may be invited for comment. If necessary, a meeting between you and those who responded to your initial complaint may be facilitated.

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within three working days (unless a full reply can be sent within five working days).

You will receive a full response on the outcome of the review within twenty working days or, where the investigation is still in progress, you will be informed of the reason for the delay every twenty working days.

You can escalate your complaint at any time by raising your concerns with the following organisations. OR Telephone 0345 015 4033 (England and Wales) OR Telephone 0800 377 7330 (Scotland)

You can also raise your concerns with our regulator — the Care Quality Commission. However, you are still required to follow the complaints process set out in this policy (Stages 1, 2 and 3).

You can contact the CQC on: 03000 616161 OR email OR via their website on

You can also reach out to the following organisations:

The service agrees to partake into any agreed dispute resolution process:

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

Contact: Tel: 020 7536 6000

The following organisations do not investigate complaints on your behalf, but are purely advisory and will provide you with support:

The Citizens Advice Service

Contact the Citizen’s Advice service on: 0808 223 1133

The Patients Association

Contact the Patients Association’s helpline on: 0845 608 4455

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