Collecting your sample for the first time can be tricky. Thankfully, this is usually due to a few common issues which are easy to fix once you know the tricks.

If you haven't already, you should start off by watching our tips video below:

If you've followed these and are still finding it difficult, we’ve got some other tips for you:

Before sample collection

  1. Fast for eight hours before collecting your sample — doing it in the morning before breakfast is probably easiest.
  2. Make sure you’re hydrated — a big glass of water should do the trick (this won't spoil the fasting!)
  3. If you can, try skipping on the spot to get your heart rate up a little
  4. Soak your entire hand, not just the tips, in warm water for 2 minutes.
  5. Avoid piercing the centre of your finger tip, pierce the corner of your finger tip — it’s less sensitive and makes it easier to direct the blood.

During sample collection

  1. Stand up — gravity helps the blood flow to your finger
  2. Massage your hand in a downward direction to help the blood out. But don’t squeeze too hard! This can damage the cells in your blood and we won’t be able to test it. 
  3. Wait 3-4 seconds between each firm massage movement — your capillaries need a little time to re-fill with blood.
  4. Firmly wipe the piercing with a clean tissue if the blood flow starts drying up. This will remove any clots that are stopping the flow.
  5. Re-prick a different finger using the extra lancets in your kit if the blood completely stops coming out.
  6. Fill the yellow tube up to the top line. Fill the purple tube up to at least the bottom line, if you have one.
  7. Put the cap on and invert (turn upside down) each tube around 20 times — this activates the gel that keeps your sample in the condition our lab needs to test it. 

There you have it! Once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever found it so hard in the first place.  

Here is a video of our CEO talking through these tips and showing how to collect a sample: 

If you use up all of your lancets on your first attempt, just write to us at, or pop a message in the live chat box below, and we’ll send you a free replacement kit sent to you.

If you still can’t get enough sample, we can organise for a nurse to carry out a traditional venous sample. You pick the time and place. This costs an additional £50. If you’d like to do this, contact us on

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