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How should I pack my items for drop-off?
How should I pack my items for drop-off?
Written by Jia Yu Choy
Updated over a week ago
  1. If trading-in or donating books and clothes, please pack them into separate bags/boxes.

  2. Check that items packed meet our acceptance guidelines for clothes and books.
    Note that certain drop-off points accept only books and/or clothes.

  3. Ensure that all bags and boxes are sealed tightly. We will not be responsible if any of your items get lost along the way if your bags/boxes are not sealed well!

  4. Label all your bags/boxes with the following information*:

    1. Name

    2. Email

    3. Date of Drop-off

    4. Whether you are trading-in or donating

    5. The number of boxes of in total of books and/or clothes
      (e.g. If you are dropping off 2 bags of books and 1 bags of clothes, kindly differentiate bags containing books from clothes, and label the first bag with "1/2 bags of books" and the second bag with "2/2 bags of books" and the first bag of clothes with "1/1 bag of clothes")
      If you'd like for your drop-offs to be made as an anonymous donation, kindly label them as "Anonymous Donation".

That's all! Once done, head over to the nearest drop-off points, and fill up the drop-off form available at the drop-off point. Thanks for giving your items a new life with us!

*For those dropping-off at Second Story, labels will be provided at the point of drop-off.

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