Thunkable projects can be public or private.

Public projects can be viewed in the Thunkable Public Gallery of projects. Private projects cannot be viewed in this gallery.

Making your project private is a feature available to PRO users.

You can create a new private project by clicking 'Create new Project' and setting the public/private switch to Private.

You can change the privacy status of an existing project. Follow these instructions:

Open your project settings by clicking on the gear icon on your project homepage

​There is a 'Public Project' setting. Click on the toggle button to set it to the 'off' position.

​You will be asked to confirm if you want to change your project from Public to Private. Select 'Yes'.

If your PRO subscription ends, your private projects will be set to read-only. They will remain hidden from the Public Gallery as long as they are in read-only mode, but you will not be able to edit them. You will need to set your read-only projects to public in order to edit them further.

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