At some point over the course of your membership with Thunkable it is likely that you will have questions about one of the above processes. This article aims to answer those questions for you! 😊

Upgrade your Account

If you wish to upgrade your membership within a current billing cycle, the cost of your membership will be prorated, so you will only pay the difference between the cost of the two memberships and not the whole cost of the new membership.

You can upgrade their membership in their membership settings by changing their plan to the desired membership.

Note: the proration only works in Stripe i.e. if they pay with credit/debit. If they are paying with PayPal, the whole cost of the new membership will be charged, and a manual refund will have to be granted for the difference in membership fees

Cancel your plan

If you wish to cancel your plan for any reason, follow the steps below. You will maintain access to your plan for the remainder of your payment period.

1) log into your Thunkable account

2) hover over the avatar in the top right of the projects overview page

3) click membership

4) change your membership type to free

At any time when you cancel your account, we maintain your account and projects unless you request for an account deletion. If you have projects marked "Private", they will become read-only and will stay private unless you mark them public. Only after marked public will you be able to edit the project but note, a project marked public can't be marked private again until you are a paying member once again.

We appreciate your time!


In order to obtain your invoices first determine your payment method.

Credit Card

  • When you have paid by CC on the Thunkable platform, you can directly download your monthly invoices by clicking the avatar at the top right any screen on Click "Membership". Then scroll down to the bottom of that screen to see/download your monthly invoices.


  • When you pay with PayPal, you will navigate to your PayPal dashboard and view/print the individual invoice for the payment for that month.


To be eligible for a refund you must not have published an app to either the web, iOS, or Android app store for that billing period. You must also provide reasoning as to why you would like to obtain a refund. Refunds are processed on a case by case basis and no refunds are guaranteed at this time based on this article.

For issues like this, you will need to contact directly. Please send them an email outlining your desire for a refund along with your rationale, they will be helpful in resolving these billing related issues.

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