Hello and welcome to Thunkable.

Building your own mobile app for Android and iOS is exciting and challenging.

To help you get up and running as quickly as possible we have a number of resources that you can learn from and build with.

  • Our YouTube Video Tutorials show you how the platform works, how to build different apps and how to publish you app. For a general understanding of how things work start here.

  • The Thunkable Documentation gives a detailed explanation of how every component in the platform works. If you have a specific question start here.

  • We have created a selection of sample projects directly in the platform that you can remix in your own account. To get started building right away start here.

  • With almost 1 million members the Thunkable Community is one of the best places to ask questions about your app. The Community Tutorials section has lots of great lessons about using the platform.

As with learning any new skill you should allow yourself plenty of time and space to design, build and test your projects. If you get stuck reach out in the Community for advice and make sure you keep coming back as the more practice you have the better your apps will be.

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