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Make sure your phone settings and permissions are correct

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Please make sure you have the latest software update for your phone and have downloaded the latest version of the Ticker app from the App Store or Google Play.

Make sure you're looking at the right policy if you have more than one. You can check the policy number on the Policy tab in the app and switch to the right one by tapping 'Switch policy'.

For all phones:

  • Make sure Bluetooth, location services, and mobile data are switched on in your phone settings.

For iPhone:

  • Switch off Low Power Mode in Settings β†’ Battery.

  • Switch on permissions for Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and Background App Refresh in Settings β†’ Ticker.

  • If you have paired a stick-on box, make sure the Location permission is set to 'Always' and 'Precise Location' is switched on. This option will not show until you have paired with your Ticker device.

For Android phones:

  • If you have paired a stick-on Ticker device, make sure the Location permission is switched on in Settings β†’ Apps β†’ Ticker. Your options will then depend on the type of phone you have.

  • If you have the option, switch the Location permission to 'Allow all the time'.

  • If you have the option, switch on permission to see 'Nearby devices'.

  • If you have the option, switch off 'Remove permissions and free up space'.

  • If you have the Battery section, set battery use for Ticker to 'Unrestricted'.

  • Find your phone's battery or power optimisation settings - these are usually in a settings screen called 'Battery' or 'Device care':

    • Switch off any optimisations for Ticker

    • Switch off any setting which puts unused apps to sleep

    • In 'App launch' settings, switch off manage automatically, and allow auto-launch and run in background options

If you can't find any of the Ticker permissions or battery optimisation settings, or would like help with any settings, please start a chat and we'll help you sort it.

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