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General FAQ
General FAQ

General support questions

Negative reward or Chargeback
False IP VPN address
Help me
Did not receive the verification email
Basic rundown of timebucks
Why am I not getting Surveys?
FaceBook login not working
Can I block someone from campaigns
Daily Checklist
Timebucks not available
Push Clicks
ChargeBacks, what are they?
How much do I have
Clicks Timer
Virtual Visa Cards
Can I block a user from my Campaigns
How to Verify my account
Survey not available after I start it.
Country Change
My State not Listed
My Referrals
How clicks are arranged
I did a whole survey and got Disqualified
Engaged Hits Errors
What is Engaged Hits?
Can I have more then 1 account?
Chat Room Moderators
How to Translate Website Language to your Native Language
How to Add Funds to TimeBucks Advertising
VPN Browsers
Quality Test Survey
Minimum Age
Why earnings are so low?
You Tube Views
I am Muslim female
Engaged Hits did not credit me
TimeBucks Support is:
Tap Research
Where do I find the TimeBucks Connect Code?
Notifications Hot Offers
Payment Email not received
How do I uninstall the TimeBucks Sweepstakes Software?
I need to update my profile but it won't let me, what do I do?
Why is my payment on hold for 30 days?
Why can't I see Tap Research?
I didn't receive the confirmation or verification email to verify my account?
I accidentally signed up for a new account and now I have lost all my earnings in my old account, how do I get it back?
I installed an app on my mobile but it didn't credit, why not?
Where is the withdraw button?
How do I withdraw my earnings?
I can not open my TimeBucks account?
How do I get started?
How do I withdraw my money?
I completed an offer but my account was never credited, what do I do?
I'm trying to sign up but it says you can only have one TimeBucks account at a time, what do I do?
How do I refer my friends?
What are the Ladders?
Why did my earnings all of a sudden disappear?
How many days does it take to verify my ID?
I am under the minimum payout of $5 USD, can you send me my money anyway?
Where can I download the Timebucks app?
I'm trying to enter my payeer account number but it's asking for an email instead?
My currency is not listed when I enter my payment details, what should I select?
What is the minimum amount I have to reach to be paid?
I want to get paid to watch videos and do surveys! Why are there no videos or surveys available for me to watch/complete right now?
Can I choose a different currency?
TimeBucks, what is it?
Do you have a referral program?
How do I change the email address on my account?
Do I have to pay Tax on my TimeBucks earnings?
How do I earn more money?
At the start I used to get push click ads, but after a few days I don't get any ads anymore?
Why didn't I get paid this week?
I used Forgot Password or Reset my password and did not receive any link in my email?
I can't access your site it says I'm using a VPN but I'm not?
Why did my account get disabled?
Is it possible to get my payment sent early for personal reasons?
I think I'm in love with your program, can I tell my friends about how great you are?
What kind of offers do you have for me to complete?
Which government issued document do you need for ID verification?
Do you guys pay with PayPal?
I was over $5 at the cut off but no invoice was generated as pending for me?
What payment methods do you use?
How often do I get paid?
I haven't been paid for Push Clicks even thought I have been clicking on ads on my Desktop PC?
How much money can I make?
What is my username or userID?
Why does my ad take so long to get approved?
How do I check my earnings?
I'm not receiving push clicks on my android phone?
Do you have an approval process?
How do I add a payment method?
Me and my partner share the same payment details, can I enter the same payment information into both accounts?
How do I know TimeBucks is legit?
I can't access my email anymore, how do I change it?
I'm facing a problem with a video under engage tab. It doesn't play when I click on it and didn't count down time. Please solve this issue
I've been doing push clicks lately and I have clicked on ads but I am not getting credited. I am using a mobile phone.
I don't remember my password.
How do I transfer my Advertising Balance to my Wallet Balance so that I can reach the minimum payout and withdraw?
Can I buy advertising campaigns using my TimeBucks wallet earnings balance?
I need a help to deal with hideout tv, I signed up the site but I haven't found the place where I can choose TimeBucks as reward partner.
How do I stop receiving push click ads on my mobile phone?
I clicked on many push ads yesterday and I did not get credited for any of them?
Why isn't the Engage tab showing on my phone?
What is the wallet in the top of the site?
I'm not getting the verification code through text message SMS in SURVEY TIME
I referred someone but I didn't get paid anything?
I am not able to link through to complete the video task n redeem my points?
It's coming up with incorrect password and I cannot access my account?
I'm not getting Surveys nowadays please provide me the surveys
I'm trying to change my payment method, but I'm getting an error Incorrect Password
How do I change my TimeBucks username?
It keeps saying sorry someone ate all the surveys and also saying sorry no survey for your country please help me?
I was over $5 dollars before the Tuesday New York time, and I have updated my payment method yet I wasn't paid?
Blocked from providers, what to do?
How do I disable the notifications from the Push Clicks tab?
I have sent a support ticket on an offerwall about a task not crediting and have not received a reply yet?
Why does my campaign say Budget Exceeded even though I have funds in my advertising balance?
I am watching videos on HideOut.TV offer and I am not earning any hide out points?
Why are there no surveys in my country?
Your-Surveys shows "Account Issue, you are blocked from doing surveys"
What are Tier # geos?
I don't remember my password
I just got paid and now my account shows a negative amount in the header, why?
Where do I get my referral link from?
Where do I find banners or marketing material to promote my TimeBucks referral link?
When will the Instagram tab come back?
How do I change the survey language? I don't understand it?
How can I start earning in TimeBucks?
Why are there no surveys for Pakistan?
Can I use TimeBucks on my laptop and mobile under one account?
Why didn't I receive my payment for Engage videos?
Why am I not getting paid for disqualifications in Tap Research anymore?
I completed a survey today and only got 1 cent?
It says I'm using a VPN but I'm not?
Can I send money from my TimeBucks wallet or earnings to another TimeBucks account?
Can I do the Engage task on mobile?
I can't create a borderless account on Transferwise, therefore I can't use it right?
Is TimeBucks a free website or do I have to pay?
I am watching videos on Hideout.TV but my points are not going up?
I received a bonus, but I don't see it in my earnings history?
My earnings are low why can't you send me more surveys?
Why are there no surveys available for me?
Why don't you add Payoneer?
I can't remember my password
How do I edit my profile, I entered some wrong information?
What promo code do I enter in
I have $1000 in my bonus wallet, how do I withdraw this?
If I choose AirTM, how do I transfer my earnings to PayPal?
I haven't received my TransferWise payment yet?
How do I choose or link TimeBucks as a reward partner in HideOut.TV?
Few days ago I used to recieve Disqualification Credit by the Tap Surveys option. Now it doesnt even allow me to answer any survey... Is this a new thing o it has anything to do that I change my current state?
I am over $5 but didn't get my payment this week and I have verified my account
I reached over $5 this week but I didn't get paid my earnings, why not?
I am no longer getting disqualification points from Tap Research. Typically it is one cent per disqualification but not anymore?
I completed a Poll Fish survey and only received $0.005
Zipcode or postcode
I was doing and I'm not getting credited for watching any videos?
I am doing the Sponsors task, and after scrolling to the bottom of the page there are no thumbnails showing it's just a blank page?
Today is pay day and I haven't received my payment yet?
My surveys are in the wrong language. I am in this country for work but I don't understand the language so how do I change the survey language?
There are no surveys available. Why do I never get any surveys available?
I can not work on the tab Jungle Survey. At first, the money was not credited and wrote that it was suspicious activity. Then I could not log into my account at all. Now it says my IP is blocked.
I got "your activity is looking suspicious" message in MoreTVTime/JungleSurvey?
Why is my bonus or referral commission showing a negative amount?
How do I delete my account permanently?
Why don't I get any surveys available? Why are there never any surveys?
I did a Jungle Survey task and they did not pay me?
I did a JungleSurvey survey and I didn't get credited?
My country is Wales and it is not in the list of states for the United Kingdom, what do I do?
I did a survey on Your-Surveys and have not received my credit yet?
TapResearch isn't paying me $0.01 for disqualifications anymore
I'm trying to change my payment method but it's asking for a password, and I signed up with Facebook so I don't have a password?
I did a quiz offer and it did not credit?
How do I earn money?
I completed an offer on Super Rewards and I was not awarded or credited, what do I do?
My account was disabled for no reason what so ever, and I am sure I did not violate any of the terms of service, can I appeal?
Why fewer surveys?
Chat Room
Chat Room Rules
Social Media
How to Disable a Proxy Server