1. Decide Format

First of all, decide how you'd like the competition to run. This will depend on how many students you have competing. For example, if you had 12 children enter, you could have two quarter finals, each containing 6 students. The fastest 3 from each would go through to a semi final, and the top three from that go through to a grand final, like this:

With 16 competitors, you could have 8 students in each round with the fastest 4 going forward each time; or, you could have 18 students playing across 3 quarter finals, with the fastest 2 going forward each time. As you can see, it's really flexible and entirely up to you.

2. Set Up Competition Band

Once you know how many competitors you have, you need to place them in their own Pastoral Band together:

Firstly, create an empty Pastoral Band by going to My School > Pupil Setup > Add Band. Give it a name (e.g. "Competition") and select the "Pastoral" band type, from the drop down list. Then click the Add Now button:

Next, go to My School > Pupil Setup > Pastoral Bands > Ungrouped Users and check the names of the children in the competition:

Finally, choose the "Competition" Band from the "Move selected..." drop down list below, to move the selected children into the new Pastoral Band:

Note: If the children are already sorted into Pastoral Bands, you can temporarily move the competitors out of their Pastoral Bands and into the Competition Band, in the same way. Just remember to return them to their Pastoral Band after the competition!

3. Competition Day

Ask the children competing in the first quarter final to log in to their Times Tables Rock Stars Accounts and click on the Arena mode. They will automatically land on their Maths Band's Arena page, so they must click the "Competition" button, to switch over to the "Competition" Pastoral Band's Arena Page:

Once all the children are on the "Competition" Band's Arena page, ask them all to join the same game, by clicking on the same Arena. They'll be able to see their avatars joining the game:

Spectating the game

So the rest of the school can follow the competition and cheer their classmates on, on the computer attached to the projector, login as a teacher on play.ttrockstars.com, go to Arena, switch to the pastoral band of the competitors and press the 'Spectate Mode' button for the game they've joined.

As the pupils answer questions, it will show who's in the lead. You can play music directly from the game and you can toggle between real and rock names.

Arena games are 1 minute long, so turn up the rock music and expect lots of cheering!

At the end of a game, a leaderboard will appear, enabling you to work out who to progress to the next round. Repeat the process for each round until you've crowned your school's Ultimate Rock Hero!

Hints and tips:

  • If the countdown clocks on the students' Arena pages aren't in sync, ask the children to refresh the page, by pressing the F5 button on their keyboards, before joining a game.
  • After the competition, you can delete the Pastoral Band and the children will return to "Ungrouped Users". Their Maths Bands will not be affected.
  • If you want to run the competition with younger children, you can set specific tables for them to be asked, by setting a schedule for the Pastoral Band
  • Make sure you have an awesome, rock-hero-worthy prize for the winner!
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