What is a Pastoral Band?

In Times Tables Rock Stars, children are grouped into "Bands" - as in the rock music type, not the ability type. Each child must be allocated into a Maths Band, which is usually their maths class/group. You also have the option to place pupils into a second, Pastoral Band. 

There are four main reasons you might want to place children into a Pastoral Band together:

1 - So that they appear, as individuals, in the same leaderboards and stats areas.

2 - To enable them to compete against each other, in their own, live, Arena games.

3 - In order to compare their combined achievements, with those of another group of children.

4 - To have a Battle of the Bands between any two groups of children.

This flexibility means that schools use Pastoral Bands in many different ways, including:

  • Registration or form groups (if different to Maths group)
  • TTRS lunchtime clubs or intervention groups
  • School Houses
  • Live, head-to-head competitions between fastest individuals in school
  • Whole school impact reporting (e.g. Girls vs Boys)

How to set up a Pastoral Band:

There are two ways to set up a Pastoral Band, which will depend on whether or not your pupils have already been uploaded:

If the pupils have not yet been uploaded:

When you set up your csv. file, in order to upload your pupils, complete both the Maths Band and the Pastoral Band columns, for each child.

If the pupils have already been uploaded:

Firstly, create an empty Pastoral Band, by going to My School > Pupil Setup > Add Band. Give it a name, select "Pastoral" from the drop down list, then click the Add Now button:

Then, go to My School > Pupil Setup > Pastoral Bands > Ungrouped Users and check the names of the children in the new Pastoral Band:

Finally, choose the name of the new Pastoral Band from the "Move selected..." drop down list below, to move the selected children into the new Pastoral Band:

Tip: If the children are already sorted into Pastoral Bands, you can temporarily move them out of their Pastoral Bands and into another. This can be helpful if you're holding a live competition between children in different Bands - just remember to return them to their correct Pastoral Bands after the competition!

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