Logging in for the first time

When you sign up you will have entered your email address and set a password. That's what you need to login to the family account - the parent email and the password.

Resetting your password

If for any reason you're locked out of your account, we can send you a new link to set your password. Please visit

Note that every time you send yourself a new link it will stop any previous links we've sent from working. So if you send two in a row, for example, only the more recent one will work.

Logging in next time

In a browser ( or on the app, go to Login > Family and enter your email and password.

Click your tile to proceed into the parent account.

Logging out

On the app, your family will stay logged in until someone presses 'Logout family'


Once you're logged in to the family account, you can switch to a child account by clicking your avatar in the top right (the 'Me' tab if using the app) and then clicking 'Switch User'.

Children's passwords

Children's passwords would ordinarily have been set by you when you created their account. If you need to retrieve them or change them, login to the parent account and click Manage. You'll see their passwords on that screen.

Children can't change their own password so if you want to edit their password, open their profile on the Manage tab and press Edit User.

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