Note that by doing this they will leave their old class/school/family account and move (with all their details intact) into your class in your school. Please ask the pupil's previous school/parent for permission to move them and please remember that if their previous school has already deleted their account then it cannot be teleported.

Stage 1: Teacher Steps

  1. Login (as your teacher account) and go to Account > Classes.

  2. Click the “Teleport Code” button and select the class you wish to 'teleport' the pupil to. 

  3. Read the instructions and click ‘Generate code’. The code will only be valid for 1 week.

Stage 2: Pupil Steps

  1. Keep the code displayed on the screen while you get the pupils to login to their former school account or their family account.

  2. Once logged in, get them to go to in their browser.

  3. Get them to enter the teleport code you generated previously and press Transfer.

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