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Using NumBots in School
Can a child change their Bot or Bot name? (NumBots)
Can a child change their Bot or Bot name? (NumBots)

What to do if a child is unhappy with the bot they chose

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Children choose from one of four bots when they initially log in. They will then be able to upgrade their robot by earning coins (by answering questions correctly) which they can spend in the Custom Shack on new parts. (They will gain access to the Custom Shack once they've earned 800 coins.)
When they initially log in, children also choose themselves a bot name. Once a child has chosen their bot's name, they cannot change it themselves. If they are unhappy with the name they chose, pupils can ask their teacher to wipe their bot name so that the next time they log in, they can choose again.

Each child chooses a robot avatar and bot name when they initially log into NumBots

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