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What is the difference between Story Mode and Challenge Mode? (NumBots)
What is the difference between Story Mode and Challenge Mode? (NumBots)

Find out about the game features of Story Mode and Challenge Mode.

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There are two game modes for pupils to play in NumBots, which serve different purposes:

Story Mode – the emphasis is on learning the ideas and concepts behind addition and subtraction so it features more diagrams, shapes and question styles.

Challenge Mode – the emphasis is more on speed of recall of key facts, like number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding & taking away in your head

Story Mode (for developing understanding)

In Story Mode, the emphasis is on mathematical concepts and is underpinned by a mastery approach to teaching. Story Mode features visual representations, procedural variation, exposure to different calculation strategies and interleaved material all in very carefully sequenced order.

Unlocking levels in Story Mode

Story Mode contains 18 Stages (Rust, Iron, Tin etc.) which each contain levels, a bit like Angry Birds. Initially Rust (Stage 1) level 1 is unlocked, so this is the place for most children to start. Find out how to skip the early stages here.

To unlock the next level, players need to earn two stars by showing sufficient proficiency.

The levels in Story Mode follow a natural mathematical progression and move the pupil through the game automatically, which means you don’t have to set anything! (You’re welcome 😊)

Challenge Mode (for improving fluency)

In Challenge Mode, the emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple sums, against the clock. Each of the 30 Challenges focuses on a key skill or objective, and each game lasts 1 minute.

Unlike Story Mode - where players are required to pass each level in order to unlock the next - all of the Challenges are available to play as soon as Challenge Mode is unlocked.

Unlocking Challenge Mode

When pupils first log into NumBots, they can only play in Story Mode. Players will unlock Challenge Mode when they pass Iron (Stage 2) Level 26 in Story Mode.

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