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What is the difference between Stages and Levels? (NumBots)
What is the difference between Stages and Levels? (NumBots)

Story Mode's stages and levels explained

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In NumBots' Story Mode, children move through 18 stages, completing levels within each stage. Every child begins their NumBots journey on Rust stage.

Within Rust stage there are 5 levels, however the number of levels in each stage does vary.

Children need to earn 2 or 3 stars in a game to pass it and unlock the next level. Once all the levels have been passed in a stage, the child will be able to move on to the next stage.

There are 18 stages in NumBots' Story Mode:

  1. Rust

  2. Iron

  3. Tin

  4. Brass

  5. Copper

  6. Steel

  7. Chrome

  8. Glass

  9. Tungsten

  10. Aluminium

  11. Kevlar

  12. Carbon Fibre

  13. Titanium

  14. Bronze

  15. Silver

  16. Gold

  17. Platinum

  18. Diamond

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