Adding pupils with custom usernames and passwords

Find out how to upload new pupils and set a custom username and password to match pupils login details for other programmes.

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We've made uploading pupils as easy as we can, all you will need is: 

  1. An admin login (if you log in to TTRS or NumBots with using an email as your username you will have admin rights).

  2. A spreadsheet of pupils first name, last name, class, year group, username and password. (You can download our example one here for guidance on how it should be formatted).

Let's get started...

First, open you your spreadsheet and check that it contains the following information:

  • First name

  • Last Name

  • Class

  • Yeargroup

  • Username

  • Password

You may wish to add other fields of data such as pastoral class and gender, these are completely optional and do not need to be in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should end up looking something like this:

Next, copy the entire contents of the spreadsheet, log in to the website and go to Account > Classes > Upload CSV. Tap in the large rectangle on the right so that the cursor appears and then paste by pressing ctrl & v (Windows) or cmd & v (Mac). This will go smoothly so long as your spreadsheet is in good order.  

Follow the onscreen instructions as you scroll down:...Match the column headings....Check you're happy with student preview....Press the Upload button at the bottom.

All being well, that should have done it! You'll be told they've uploaded successfully and be given the chance to save the username labels and parent letters.

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