Using Wonde to sync your classes is a doddle and will save time whenever pupils change their details on your school database, e.g. when they go up a year, move classes or change names.

Here are the steps:

1. Click on Account > Classes > Wonde Uploader

2. For each class in the list, click ‘Match with TTRS Band’

Some classes may not have a match so you can leave it on ‘No action’ or press ‘Import for the first time’ if you’d like to create accounts for that class.

3. For those where you pressed ‘Match with TTRS Band’, you’ll need to press ‘Click to resolve issues’ so that you can go through ones that it couldn’t match.

4. Repeat the steps for each class.

5. Once you’ve finished press the big blue ‘Merge’ button.

At this point, it will create a link between the child’s record on TTRS and their record on your school database. That means if, in the future, they change classes, yeargroup, name, etc. on your school database, the change will be reflected within 24 hours on TTRS.

It also means that new joiners to any of the synced classes will have an account made for them, e.g. Jonny Smith joins the school and gets added to the school database in a class that’s already synced; by the next morning he’ll have had an account on TTRS.

This will be a huge timesaver at the start of every school year and saving you making lots of little changes during the year, when a pupil joins the school, for example.

When NOT to use Wonde

  1. If your pupils are in sets in TT Rock Stars but your school database only has them in their form classes. Let’s say you’ve got 6Ma1 and 6Ma2 on TTRS because you’ve uploaded them into those 2 classes. However, your school database doesn’t have 6Ma1 and 6Ma2, it’s only got 6H and 6Y (their form classes). If you sync with your school database, then it’s going to move the pupils out of 6Ma1 and 6Ma2 and put them into 6H and 6Y.

    The sync will always try to be a copycat of what’s on your school database. It may be that you want them in different classes on TTRS, so in which case the Wonde sync isn’t for you and you should revoke it by going to Wonde Uploader > Disconnect Wonde.

  2. If you insist that new users have a particular username and password. Our Wonde uploader cannot get usernames from your school database because school databases never store their usernames so the Wonde uploader will always create usernames and passwords for you.

    If it’s really important that pupils’ login details match their login details for something else then the Wonde sync isn’t suitable for you and you should revoke it by going to Wonde Uploader > Disconnect Wonde.

Frequently asked questions

Will pupils end up with two accounts? No.

How much does it cost? Nothing.

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