New School Year Guide - Movers (2)
How to move pupils into their new classes ready for the new school year.
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For pupils who are moving up a school year, there are three steps to consider:

  1. Moving them up a yeargroup

  2. Changing their classes

Step 1: Moving them up a yeargroup

This step is simple enough. You can move all the pupils up a yeargroup in just a few clicks.

  1. Go to Account > Classes.

  2. Click the checkbox next to the 'Others' title. You may also need to select the checkbox next to the 'Favourites' title if you have favourite classes setup.

  3. Click the Update tab at the top.

  4. Click the 'Increment yeargroup' button.

Step 2: Change classes

When it comes to moving pupils, you've got a few options and the most efficient method depends on whether pupils are really moving class or whether the class is simply changing name and how many pupils are moving.

Option 1: Only the class needs renaming because the pupils stay with each other

  1. Head to Account > Classes.

  2. Hit the rename button next to the class and update the name.

  3. (optional) Change the name of the Pastoral classes too, if necessary.

Option 2: Pupils are moving between classes

Follow these steps or watch the video below.

  1. Go to Account > Classes, tick all the classes and press Downloads (at the top) > Logins Spreadsheet.

  2. In the spreadsheet that opens, change the pupils' maths and/or pastoral classes. (You can change any of the pupils' data EXCEPT their usernames as our system uses the usernames to determine whether they already exist or whether to treat them as new.)

  3. Return to the Classes page and press Add > Upload CSV.

  4. Either drag the saved .csv file into the dropzone on the left or browse to where you saved it. Alternatively, copy the pupil data in the spreadsheet and paste it into the box on the right of the pupil uploader.

  5. Follow the uploader steps. It will do all the heavy lifting... creating the classes for you and putting pupils into their new classes while preserving pupils' performance data.

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