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Had a trial?


With a login: please login and go to Account > Subscriptions and press the button. Choose your products/bolt-ons and pay online by credit card or request an invoice.

Without a login: search for your school here, then follow the steps to choose your products/bolt-ons and pay online by credit card or request an invoice.

Will we lose any of our pupils' data or have to set them up again?

Nope. Your user accounts, their data, progress, coins and bands are totally untouched. All that happens is that we have a little subscription flag-raising ceremony at our end! If your account has been inactive for 12 weeks or more pupils data will be deleted.


Welcome! You'll be a new school so let's get you rocking and rolling right away.

Click the button below and proceed with the form. The subscription will begin once you submit the form, and the person you specify as the main teacher will receive an email inviting them to log in for the first time.

If the invitation email is not received within a couple of minutes of submitting the form then there is a hold-up that we'll need to assist you with. In that case, please email

Credit Card or Invoice?

You can either pay online by credit card or request an invoice.

If you choose to pay by credit card, an invoice will not be generated, however you will receive a receipt (with the tax breakdown, if appropriate).

If you request an invoice, it can be paid by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. All our payment details are on the invoice, as well as our VAT number and address.

When will my subscription start?

Whether you pay by credit card or invoice, your subscription will begin...

  • Immediately, if you're a new subscriber or your trial has lapsed; or

  • When your trial ends, if you're currently on a trial.

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