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For schools that subscribe to TT Rock Stars already

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REMEMBER to not tick the Times Tables Rock Stars subscription box if you only want NumBots to be added right now. The time to tick the subscription box is if you want to renew for another year now.


You can add NumBots at any point during your subscription and you'll only be billed for the portion of the year remaining on your subscription. For example, with 100 days left of your subscription, the school would pay for 100 days' worth of NumBots, not for a full year.

Schools that have a TT Rock Stars subscription will pay a discounted price on NumBots and that price is automatically calculated on the billing form.

If you're part-way through a trial of NumBots that's all taken into account too so that you don't pay for any day that were you entitled to as part of the free trial.

When will NumBots be active?

If you're currently trialling NumBots, then it's already active and will remain so until the expiry date.

If you're not currently trialling NumBots, then access will be granted as soon as you submit the form, regardless of whether you choose to pay by credit card or invoice.

Ordering NumBots

With a login: please login and go to Account > Subscriptions and press the button.

Without a login: search for your school here, then follow the steps.

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