How much does NumBots cost?

Information on pricing and subscription costs for schools

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Pricing is largely based on whether you have TT Rock Stars or not. The price of NumBots is not dependent on the number of users (though we do offer discounts for small schools) and there are no bolt-ons for NumBots.

We do not subscribe to TT Rock Stars (yet)

Please click here to find out the cost of NumBots in your country.

We do subscribe to TT Rock Stars

Your first NumBots subscription will be for the number of days remaining on TTRS subscription. Our billing page automatically calculates your remaining days and then uses the preferential rate that you get for having TTRS to work out the price.

So the quickest way to find out today's price for your school is to click the button and search for your school. REMEMBER to only tick the NumBots box.

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