Can the question be read aloud? (NumBots)

Advice for parents supporting their children through levels and ways to help your child work more independently

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We've designed NumBots to be accessible to children playing independently, regardless of their maths ability. By starting from the very beginning and gradually layering up the difficulty, we ensure that children are always prepared with the maths skills they need to tackle each new level.

However, if your child is very young, has a lower literacy level, or is less confident to have a go by themselves, they may want your help to read instructions or explain how to tackle new levels.

What if my child is unable to read the question?

We don't currently have a function to read the question/instruction at the top of each level, although it is something we are hoping to add in time.

However, the way each level has been created means it isn't always necessary for a child to be able to read the text in order to understand what is being asked. If they don't have somebody reading the instruction, children are normally still able to work out what to do by themselves:

Children also begin to recognise the same types of levels appearing throughout Story Mode and they are able to remember what they had to do the last time they completed a similar looking level.

We don't penalise incorrect answers which empowers children to have a go at each level and work out what they need to do to answer it, without requiring an adult to explain what they need to do each time.

Support your child to become a more independent learner

As they gain more experience answering different level types, encourage your child to try and work out what they need to do for themselves, rather than immediately reading the instruction question to them. This will give them the confidence to give each level a go and trust their intuition, which will help them to work more independently and not feel like they need to ask for your help every time they start a new level.

When your child realises they are able to pass a level on their own, without any help, it will give them an enormous confidence boost.

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