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Can I add more tutees? (NumBots)
Can I add more tutees? (NumBots)

Purchase additional tutee accounts during your subscription

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When you initially register for NumBots, you will select how many tutee accounts you'd like to begin with (minimum 3).

Can I purchase more accounts during my subscription?

Yes. If you decide to provide access to more tutees part-way through your subscription, you can purchase more tutee accounts at any time. You will only be charged for the number of days remaining of your subscription.

Each additional tutee account = £2.40 per year, including VAT (pro-rated to your subscription's expiry date).

Sign in to your tutor account, then go to Subscription > Purchase more accounts.

Why would I need additional tutee accounts?

It is important that each tutee plays using their own account, rather than sharing a login, so that we can correctly log each of their progression and award achievements.

Please do not use a tutor account for a tutee as this would grant them the same permissions and access as you have, including viewing other tutees' data, editing and deleting users' accounts and managing your subscription.

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