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Using NumBots in School
Accessibility options (NumBots)
Accessibility options (NumBots)
Customising the platform to your pupils' needs
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High Contrast Colour Schemes

The NumBots game site and mobile app are available in a variety of different colour schemes, so players can choose whichever they find the most readable. The colour schemes include:

  • Full colour

  • Yellow on black

  • Yellow on blue

  • Black on yellow

  • Black on peach

  • Black on white

  • Black on blue

  • Blue on cream

To change the colour scheme for a pupil, log into their account and click on the small circular orange cog button to open Settings. Then select their preferred colour scheme. It'll be saved on their account so will apply automatically on any device they log in to in the future.

Text to speech support

We have options for questions to be read aloud as well as support for screenreaders, allowing visually impaired students to be able to navigate around the site themselves.

Hiding the Timer in Challenge Mode

Seeing the 1-minute timer counting down during a Challenge game can make some people distracted or tense - which is the last thing we want children to feel when they’re playing NumBots!

During a Challenge game, players can hide the timer by clicking on it. Clicking again in the empty spot will then reveal the timer. Alternatively, pupils can go to Settings (by clicking on the small circular orange cog button) to set whether they want the timer to be visible or hidden.

Increase the time to pass levels in Story Mode

Teachers can change game settings as they see appropriate; for example, by increasing the time allowance for a child with SEN. To find out how this is done, please click here:

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