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How to set pupils an Activity Goal (NumBots)
How to set pupils an Activity Goal (NumBots)

Set how many minutes you require pupils to play per week and see who has met the target.

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NumBots' Activity Goal enables you to set the pupils in your class a target number of minutes to play on NumBots each week.

How to set an Activity Goal:

  1. Log in to your teacher's account here.

  2. Go to "Activity Goal", then select the name of your maths class from the menu on the left.

  3. You'll notice the Activity Goal is initially disabled by default. Click "Enable" to set a goal for your class.

  4. In the container that appears, enter the number of minutes you'd like each pupil to play per week and select whether your school week starts on a Monday or a Sunday. Then click "Save Changes".

How to view Activity Goal results:

As soon as you've set an Activity Goal, you'll be able to see how many minutes each of your pupils have played for so far this week, and whether they've been meeting their recent weekly targets, in the "Activity Record" table below.

Click the column headings to order the pupils by the number of minutes they played each week, or hover over individual stats to see tooltips explaining what they mean. Press the chart icon, at the end of a row, to see that pupil's entire activity history displayed as a bar chart.

Please note: Only time spent in a Story or Challenge game will count towards pupils' time played. Time spent navigating the website, in the Custom Shack or between games will not be counted.


What do pupils experience when Activity Goals are enabled?

When they are logged in, pupils are able to see how minutes they've got left remaining to reach their weekly goal in "Game Data", on the Game Modes screen. Once they've achieve their goal, an animation of an arrow hitting a target will appear on their screen.

What happens if a pupil doesn't meet the weekly goal?

You can quickly see which pupils have met their weekly target in the Activity Record table, as their time played will be displayed in green. While pupils who have not met their goal will not experience anything different when they log in, you may choose to discuss with individual pupils (or their parents/carers) why they have not been playing for the expected amount of time.

Can I set pupils in my class different goals to each other?

No, all pupils in a class will be set the same target number of minutes.

Can I set an Activity Goal for a pastoral class?

No, you can only set Activity Goals for maths classes.

Do the results include games played today?

Yes, the "Activity Record" updates in real time, so the time played does include games played today. (If your pupils are playing right now, you may need to refresh the page to pull in the latest data.)

This is different to data in the "Stats" tables, which is crunched overnight. Therefore you might see discrepancies between the number of minutes played in the "Effort Report", and the time played in the "Activity Record".

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