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Teleport a child to a Tutor account (TTRS) (Tutor)
Teleport a child to a Tutor account (TTRS) (Tutor)

Move a pupils account from their old school to a Tutor Account.

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Note that this is a permanent change and should only be done with school leavers.

Also, if the school has already deleted the tutee account then it's too late to teleport it.


This is will need to be done in two 'stages' - the first set done by the parent and the second set by the child.

1. Tutor Steps

  1. Please purchase a Tutor Account.

  2. Once signed up and logged in, go to Manage Users and click the “Teleport child” button.

  3. Read the instructions and click ‘Generate code’. Make a note of the teleport code as you will need it later.

2. Tutee Steps

  1. Get your tutee to login as themselves using their school account details.

  2. If the school account has expired already, then you'll be taken straight to the teleport screen.
    If the school account hasn't expired yet, then go to Me > Settings and scroll to the bottom where you'll see Teleport > Enter code.

  3. Enter the teleport code and press Transfer.

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